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Continued thanks and blessings for those supporting and praying for us through my cancer journey. My radiation treatments were cut short due to severe burns in the treatment area. I am now doing wound care to keep infection away. I have made it through my chemo treatments, but my blood count is critically low. This makes healing much longer, and it would be very easy for me to get infections or get sick. I sleep A LOT!Please continue to remember us; Rich, Skylar, and me, in your prayers. God is great, and He does answers prayers. We know that God is in control, and we serve a mighty, merciful God. We will do our best to work on outstanding paid orders, and halt taking any new ones. Paid orders will be very delayed moving forward. Orders not due, and not paid, please do not pay at this time. I will send out reminder notices for those invoices coming up so you will know when to pay. Anyone wanting to send a card, well wishes, or words of encouragement, can be sent to: PO Box 145, Tipton, IN 46072. If you want to help us pay for lost wages and medical bills we have a GoFundMe.

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