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Hello Carvers!

Helvie Knives proudly presents......The 4th Annual Basswood Knife Carving Competition!

Some changes have been made in the rules governing the carved knife handles that will be suitable and acceptable for judging. Carving must be done within the confines of the basic dimensions of the basswood handle with no add on of additional wood or material. Examples being; cutting some of the knife handle off and gluing it back on to get a different plane, no blade covers to make the handle longer, and the blade shall not be altered.

There will be 3 classes to choose from: Please be honest with your carving experience.

  • Beginners Class for carvers that have been carving for one year or less.
  • Intermediate Class for carvers that have been carving for one to three years.
  • Open Class for anyone regardless of experience or number of years carving.

Helvie Knives will supply the basswood knives to be carved for all entries. There will be a $5 entry fee (you can enter more than one piece; each knife blank is an additional $5/each). The cost helps pay for shipping and materials. If you want the knife returned to you after the competition there will be an additional $5 fee to cover shipping and handling fees back to you (this is a one time fee regardless of how many knife/knives you enter). If you do not want your carving back, we will add it to our office display and our web gallery. (NOTE: no credit/debit card payments please).

The handles are about 6" in length with a girth (circumference) of about 1 3/16" - 1 1/2". All basswood knives distributed to the participants will have a"dummy" blade on them and will not be sharp. Any theme can be carved into the handle.All participants will need to have their entry returned to Helvie Knives by October 13, 2016. All entries will be taken to Ohio to be judged by renowned CCA member Don Mertz. Participants do not need to be in attendance to win.

Awards will be given to the winners and the runner ups of all three classes (prizes to be announced at a later date). If you are interested in participating, please contact us via phone at 765-675-8811, via e-mail at zen@tiptontel.com, or via mail at Helvie Knives PO Box 145 Tipton, IN 46072.

Thank you for your participation! And good luck to all!

Rich and Holli Smithson

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